What to expect from your Day of Coordinator

The Wedding Coordinator

The Wedding Coordinator (Photo credit: nat haru)

When a couple decides to get married, it is best to hire a Day of Coordinator to relieve the couple from getting stressed on their Wedding Day. But the question is on what to expect from your Day of Coordinator?

When you hire a Day of Coordinator”, you can also have your own checklist on the things that the day of coordinator must be able to execute. Know that a Day of Coordinator helps a couple with the day of coordination. The venue and the vendors may have already been chosen by you or asked for advice from the person you hired. The coordinator’s role is to manage all the details the day when the bride and groom have spent months planning to make sure that everything comes together in the end exactly as the couple has imagined.  A coordinator allows the couple, wedding party and guests to enjoy their special day without the stress.

A Day of Coordinator plans for a couple to have their dream wedding to be perfect. Weeks before the Big Day, he or she formulates a list of events for the special event. The location and time of the wedding events, special requirements or accommodations needed for the guests, venue for the reception and dietary meal menus, the vendors, and timing on the events for the big day.

It is expected for the Day of Coordinator to follow-up on important details a week prior to the Wedding. Important matters like touching base with the vendors and confirming the arrival and departure times; summarizing of seating charts and table settings; insuring table napkins, accessories, gifts and favors arrive on schedule; be able to check on hotel accommodations for guests from out of town and delivery of welcoming gifts, event schedule and sights to see; must coordinate with the rehearsal site, rehearsal dinner menu; and confirmation of centerpieces or decorations and coordination for transportation to be used.

Your Day of Coordinator must oversee and supervise the wedding rehearsal from start to finish and be able to coordinate everything from the readings, music and soloists and provide helpful reminders for positions and roles of everyone involved. He or She must be able to maintain a proper sequence of the pre-ceremony and the actual ceremony details. You must be able to leave all your worries to this person on your Wedding Day.

This is a service we proudly feature here, at Just in Thyme Catering and Event Planning.

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