Just in Thyme is proud to provide customized menus and service for every event. Seasonality, quality, and availability are all taken into consideration during menu design, as are client dietary restrictions, preferences, and tastes. Clients can expect personal attention throughout the course of planning that will result in a uniquely personalized dining experience.

We specialize in multi-ethnic California cuisine, and the abundant agriculture of the Bay Area allows our chef the freedom to incorporate variety and diversity into all of her dishes. We use a licensed commercial kitchen for preparing food, and we cook on-site to ensure the highest possible quality. For outdoor events we bring our mobile cooking equipment with us. This on-site preparation helps us maintain the integrity of our flavors, and it ensures that the finished product demonstrates the excellence our clients deserve.  In addition,  all of our staff members are trained in food safety and are certified food handlers. 

Just in Thyme sources all of its ingredients based on a sustainable farm-to-table model. Seasonal produce is procured directly from local farmers and our meat is procured from local ranches and farms that pasture raise their animals. Seafood is also sourced from local suppliers on the nearby Monterey Bay. Here are some of our local suppliers:

Andy’s Orchard, Morgan Hill

Beckmann’s Bakery, Santa Cruz

Davis Poultry Farms, Gilroy

LJB Farms, San Martin

Stagnaro Brothers Seafood, Santa Cruz

Pasture Chick Ranch, Hollister

Morgan Hill Farmer’s Market

San Jose Downtown Farmer’s Market

San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market